TURBINEFun cat toy. Small glowing ball with two plumes included.



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  • Fun cat toy
  • An ideal pastime for your furry friend
  • Glowing ball included, activated by movement
  • Complete with two cute plumes with soft feathers.
  • Modular shape, easy to assemble
  • Designed to stimulate your pet's interest and keep her active
  • Can be used with additional modules and other articles in the Clever & Happy range
  • Made of strong plastic

Turbine is a fun toy for cats belonging to the Clever & Happy range, specially designed to stimulate your pet's interest and make sure she always stays active and in good health. The toy, which is a shaped like a racetrack, is made of strong plastic and is easy to assemble. Included inside the box, you will find a cute glowing ball that is activated by movement and emits flashing light. Completing the toy, there are two cute spring-loaded plumes with soft feathers: Kitty will have a lot of fun seizing, making them sway and spending so many happy moments with them.

Turbine is a modular toy that can be used in combination with other accessories in the Clever & Happy range. In fact, thanks to the additional modules that can be purchased separately, you will be able to create various racetrack configurations and have fun creating an entire amusement park for your cat.

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