One snack - 100% benefits

A complete range of dental snacks for dogs, to satisfy all needs thanks to the brand new shapes and useful functional ingredients.

Many shapes, many sizes, many benefits.

Guaranteed dental hygiene, but also play, health and lots of taste.

By mechanical action during chewing

Effective in removing plaque.

Massaging effect for healthy gums.

Refillable for more benefit and taste.

Specific shape for better penetration between the teeth.

Consistency designed to prolong chewing.

Superfood for Buddy too

Several scientific studies have shown that, by introducing some functional ingredients in the dog's
diet, we can contribute to the normal functioning of their organism by
improving their general state of health.

Why not do it? Now it's simple, just one 100% snack a day.

Ascophillum Nodosum

Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed is rich in natural compounds that limit bacterial growth and accumulation. Absorbed by
the intestine and secreted into the oral cavity through saliva, it reduces the growth of plaque bacteria, preventing bad breath and slowing the formation

Euglena gracilis

Euglena Gracilis seaweed meal contains a safe source of Beta-glucans (specifically 1.3 beta-glucans) which can help maintain
a healthy immune system and support gut health with beneficial effects on the dog's intestinal microbiota.

Yucca schidigera

Yucca Schidigera contains vitamins and minerals that perform a purifying action. Its introduction into the diet of dogs helps reduce fecal odor and ammonia.

Melissa Officinalis

Plant extract with calming properties, anti-stress and sedative function.
Useful in case of travel or separation anxiety, visits to vets, destructive attitudes.*


With Ovopet®, a natural source of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans that help keep your dog's joints healthy and ensure an active life.

No artificial colours

Only natural colours obtained from plant concentrates, with different functionalities.

Only natural ingredients

Designed to be healthy and appetizing.

Corn starch, glycerin, whole wheat flour, cellulose powder, soy lecithin, corn oil, pea protein form the basis of all snacks.

A right mix that also makes them much more appetizing than a traditional vegetarian snack on the market*.

Fill it for more effectiveness

The brand new Bone, Candy and Toothbrush snacks can be used as they are or filled with dog toothpaste, appetizing pates or other functional pastes.

Innovative shapes: the holes on the lid and on the concave part allow the aromas to escape making the snack irresistible and extremely functional.

Practical and effective

For a fast and super effective reward here are the traditional sticks.

They guarantee long-lasting chewing.

The innovative Snowflake and Fusilli shapes, with many grooves, allows the snack to penetrate even deeper between the teeth, thus obtain greater cleaning and better plaque removal.

For all sizes

The size of the snacks has been designed to suit chewing depending on the size of the dog:

Small: 5-12 Kg

Medium: 12-25 Kg

Large: 25-44 Kg

Instructions for use

- Complementary feed for dogs.

- Recommended 1 piece per day.

- For dogs of at least 9 months.

If in the next 30 days you aren't satisfied with the Snacks, return the package free of charge and you will be refunded.

*Based on research carried out in an independent kennel.