SMILE RINGDog dental toy, with bicarbonate crystals, reduces plaque and tartar



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  • Dog toy, very resistant, helps dog dental hygiene
  • With bicarbonate crystals, for a healthy mouth, cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Does a pleasant massage on your dog's gums thanks to the irregular surface
  • Can be filled with kibble to make it irresistible and lengthen play time
  • Meat flavour, very attractive
  • Helps dental hygiene thanks to the mechanical action of chewing
  • Assists with the reduction of plaque and tartar
  • Made of thermoplastic rubber, extra durable and non-toxic

  • Available in several colours and dimensions, suitable for dogs of different sizes:
  • SMILE EXTRA SMALL: suitable for very small-sized dogs - diameter 8,5 cm
  • SMILE SMALL: suitable for small-sized dogs - diameter 12 cm
  • SMILE MEDIUM: suitable for medium-sized dogs - diameter 16 cm
  • SMILE LARGE: suitable for large-sized dogs - diameter 20 cm

Proper oral hygiene is essential for four-legged friends. In addition to feeding care and regular cleaning of the teeth with a toothbrush, it can be useful to stimulate your dog's chewing by means of special dental toys that entertain and amuse the animal at the same time.

Smile by Ferplast is the perfect ally for this purpose! This toy ring for dogs helps your friend clean their teeth thanks to the mechanical action of chewing. With the addition of bicarbonate crystals, it promotes the reduction of plaque and the formation of tartar, thus contributing to perfect hygiene of your friend's mouth and fresher breath. Moreover, thanks to the irregular surface, it keeps the muscles of the mouth exercised and pleasantly massages the dog's gums. It can be filled with tasty kibble to stimulate Fido's interest, promotes playing and fun. It is perfect as a fetch game or to play \push and pull\. Finally, thanks to the meat flavour, it is attractive for your four-legged friend.

The dental toy Smile is made of thermoplastic rubber, durable and non-toxic material, safe for your friend. It is available in different colours and models designed for dogs of different sizes: Extra Small, suitable for very small- sized dogs, Small, for small-sized dogs, Medium, for medium-sized dogs, Large, for large-sized dogs.

Warnings: the product must be used under the supervision of the owner.

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