PYRAPlastic house for hamsters



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  • A little plastic house for hamsters
  • Allows your pet to rest in total tranquillity
  • Equipped with a hole that provides easy access and opening in the bak
  • It provides your pet with a retreat in which he can hide and feel safe
  • The structure has steps allowing quick exercise
  • An ideal accessory for any cage for small rodents

Pyra is a hamster house completely made out of strong plastic. An ideal accessory for all of Ferplast's hamster cages, it has an easily accessible entrance and a comfortable opening in the back. The original shape with little steps encourages physical exercise thus contributing to keep your pet in good health. The Pyra house is essential for providing your little rodent with a cosy retreat: your pet can hide inside the nest and feel totally safe.

The item is available in one colour only.

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