PULLER MINIInteractive toy for small dogs and puppies fitness. Set of 2 rings made of long lasting and non-toxic material.



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  • Tool for dog fitness, set of 2 rings
  • Ensures intense training with the maximum results: running, jumping and puller
  • Light but robust material, floating, non-toxic and odourless
  • It does not damage your dog's teeth
  • Patented product
  • Dimensions Puller Mini: diameter 18 x 4,7 cm of height
  • Suitable for small-sized dogs and puppies
  • Also available in other sizes

Puller is an innovative tool very useful in the education and in the training of the dog: thanks to the set of two rings, ensures a perfect daily training keeping your furry friend's muscles strong and improving his resistance. It can be used in different activities like running, jumping and pulling.

RUNNING: the dog catches PULLER rings and brings them back one by one. If your dog does not want to give the ring back, show them the second one. The exercise trains the dog to retrieve an item and helps to develop speed and agility. JUMPING: The dog jumps and catches PULLER. Once the dog grabs the ring, give another one instead. The exercise trains dog’s attention and reaction skills. PULLING: the dog tugs PULLER rings one by one. The exercise improves dog’s strength and resistance.

The toy Puller is made of non-toxic compound polymer, resistant but light material, usable therefore also by small dogs or puppies. Floating and safe for the animal, odourless, it has been designed not to damage the teeth of your faithful friend.
Puller is available in different models to be chosen according to the body of the dog. The model Puller Mini, for example, is ideal for smaller sized furry friends. The package contains 2 Puller rings.

Warnings: Puller is not a toy for children. Check and substitute if damaged. It is not a dog chewing toy.

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