Toy PA 6730 PA 6730 Ferplast
Toy PA 6730 PA 6731 Ferplast


Toy PA 6730Retrieving toy for dogs made of jute. Different sizes.



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  • Retrieving dog toy
  • Made of jute with small cord and the shape of a cylinder
  • High handiness
  • Useful to train your dog helping to improve his reflexes
The retrieving dog toys are useful instruments to train and improve your four-legged friend's speed, reflexes and resistance. Made of jute, these dog toys have the classic shape of a cylinder, they are equipped with a nylon cord to be carried always with you, they are ideal to be thrown faraway to be then taken back from your dog.
Available in one single colour and three different dimensions, PA 6730, PA 6731 and PA 6722, ideal for animals of all sizes, these retrieving dog toys are besides very easy to handle thanks to their long shape.

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