Toy PA 6091


Toy PA 6091

Ball launcher toy for dogs
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  • Dog toy, ball launcher
  • Made of thermoplastic rubber
  • Complete with two balls - one tennis ball and one flashing ball
  • Allows you to throw the ball and retrieve it without having to bend over or get your hands dirty
  • For use in the open air only or by an adult
This dog toy, made of thermoplastic rubber, makes it possible to throw the ball a long way and retrieve it without bending over or dirtying your hands. It includes a bat with a comfortable grip and two little balls: one tennis ball and one flashing ball. Have fun playing with your four-legged friend! This is a useful tool that will help train your four-legged friend and improve his speed, reflexes and stamina.

Method of use: pull your arm back, behind your shoulder and, with a firm, rapid movement, throw the ball forward. Retrieve the ball with the same launching tool.
Warning: for use in the open air only, by an adult or under adult supervision.

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