Chewing toy for dogs. Special helix shape. Different flavours. Natural components.
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  • Chewing toy for dogs with natural components
  • Strengthens dog's teeth and promotes dental hygiene
  • Does not alter dog's diet
  • Useful as anti-stress and promotes playtime
  • Safe if ingested
  • Has no expiry date
  • Completely non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Helix-shaped and flavoured to be more attractive
  • Package containing some different toys in flavours of: beef, cereals, checken and ham
  • Available in two sizes
  • S: 12 units of 16 g each
  • M: 10 units of 23 g each

Here is a useful tool for your four-legged friend's dental hygiene! GoodBite Natural Helix by Ferplast is a range complete of chewing toys for dogs made from natural components, non-toxic and biodegradable, that take care of the health of your animal's mouth without altering their diet: in fact they have been treated so as not to be metabolised by the animal organism if ingested.
Useful as an anti-stress product, these products promote playtime because they satisfy your dog's instinct to chew strengthening the teeth and keeping them clean thanks to the mechanical chewing action, reducing the formation of tartar. Their special helix shape has been studied to promote dental hygiene. The GoodBite Natural Helix chewing toys are completely safe if ingested. They don't cause intestinal blockage: in contact with saliva and stomach acid they are transformed into a gelatinous mass.
Available in a saving package of 12 or 10 units, in different flavours, chicken, beef, cereals and ham to be more attractive to your animal.

In the same range you will also find chewing toys with the traditional bone-shaped and the sticks.

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