Hamster Habitat Modules. 4 piece kit including hamster tunnel and fittings, shuttle.
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  • Space-shaped modular habitat for hamsters
  • It connects to Ferplast's modular hamster cages using the included tunnels and curved tubes
  • Allows you to create fun paths and play areas for the animal
  • Perfect as an accessory to encourage mouvement and keep your hamster in good health

  • Hamster shuttle and tubes made of solid plastic
  • Transparent material to allow visibility of the animal inside
  • Optimal internal ventilation guaranteed by special holes
  • Shuttle with opening lid to easily insert and remove the hamster
  • Quick connection: the pieces are easily connected to each other thanks to the compatible ends

  • Complete set of hamster toy accessories
  • Includes: 1 shuttle with opening lid, 1 telescopic tunnel, 2 curved tubes, fittings

  • Tunnel dimensions: minimum length 12.5 maximum 20.2 cm
  • Shuttle dimensions: 22.5 x 20.7 x h 14.3 cm
  • Pipe diameter 6 cm

Let yourself be surprised by our kit of modules and tubes for hamsters, designed to enrich the daily experience of the small rodent, encourage physical activity and fun. Thanks to the innovative design and compatibility with different hamster cages, the kit ensures a lively and stimulating environment for your pet, satisfying its natural need for exploration and mouvement, making it the perfect complement to any habitat.

The highlight of this set is the Ferplast Lab spacecraft module, a real space station for your rodent, equipped with a telescopic tube and flexible curves that can be easily connected to Ferplast cages. These components have been carefully selected to allow you to build adventurous and personalized paths, transforming your hamster's cage into an exclusive playground.

The ease of integration with Ferplast hamster cages is a key feature of this kit, ensuring that you can effortlessly enhance your pet's existing habitat. The careful design of the tunnels and the shuttle, complete with holes for correct ventilation, guarantees a healthy environment for the hamster, while promoting his natural inclination to explore.

This set includes:

1 Ferplast Lab spacecraft module with opening lid for easy access
1 telescopic tube adjustable from 12.5 to 20.2 cm, to perfectly adapt to the space available
2 curves to add fun twists and variations to the course.

With a diameter of 6 cm, the tubes are sized to ensure safe and comfortable passage of the hamster.

The kit is compatible with a wide range of Ferplast cages for hamsters: Duna Fun Large, Combi 1 Fun, Combi 1, Combi 2, Stadium, Circus Fun, Laura, Paula, Olimpia, Favola, Village 80, Criceti 15, Criceti 100, Milos Large, Coney Island, Dragster, Multipla Hamster, Multipla Hamster Large, Multipla Hamster Crystal.

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