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JOK 11

Wild bird feeder for outdoor use. Can also be used as a bird shelter.
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  • Silo feeder for wild birds
  • Convenient to fill with different types of seeds or nuts
  • It is also possible to introduce fat balls to feed the birds during the winter
  • It becomes a great bird shelter if you don't mount the transparent elements
  • Built with special non-toxic, recyclable, weather-resistant materials
  • Unassailable by parasites thus ensuring maximum hygiene
  • Jok can be used in various ways throughout the year
  • With cord for hanging on the wall or fasten on a tree trunk
  • Opening top
  • Easy to clean
  • It can be assembled in a few minutes without the aid of special tools
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 13 x h 23 cm

Jok are innovative products that allow you to provide food and feed to wild birds and can also become an excellent bird shelter if the transparent elements supplied are not mounted. Used as a silo feeder, through the special dividers, Jok can be filled with different types of seeds, peanuts or fat balls: in this way you will ensure the necessary nourishment for wild birds, especially during the colder months. Furthermore, the transparent panels are really comfortable because they allow you to quickly check the level of food available.
The outdoor feeder is sturdy, built with weatherproof, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Easy to clean, it is resistant to parasites to guarantee maximum hygiene. Complete with perch and cord for fixing to the trunk of the trees in your garden or to the wall.
The Jok birdhouse can be safely used in various ways all year round, for your happiness and the happiness of your feathered friends. It can be assembled in a few minutes without the use of special tools.
Available in different models, shapes and sizes.

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