GRO 5763 Premium
GRO 5763 Premium
GRO 5763 Premium


GRO 5763 Premium

Combination brush for short-, medium- and long-coated dogs
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  • Combination brush for dogs
  • The polyamide bristles massage the coat
  • The steel bristles with rounded tips are gentle on the animal's skin
  • Helping with cleanliness and shine of the hair, it ensures the comb passes easily through the coat
  • Ergonomic rubber-coated handle for maximum comfort
  • Durable materials ensure it is robust and long-lasting
  • Ideal for short-, medium- and long-coated animals
The GRO 5763 combination brush is ideal for taking care of short-, medium- and long-coated dogs. On the one hand, it is equipped with sturdy stainless steel bristles with rounded tips that prevent irritation of the skin without causing any annoyance to the animal; on the other hand, the soft polyamide bristles with restructuring properties give shine and softness to your dog's coat. In addition to brushing to remove knots and impurities, the stainless steel bristles provide a skin-stimulating massage, also guaranteeing easy combing of the hair and proper periodic grooming of your four-legged friend. This brush is very handy and practical to use thanks to its innovative rubber-coated ergonomic handle. The durable, high-quality materials ensure the product is robust and long-lasting.

The GRO 5763 brush also belongs to Ferplast's Grooming Premium line, dedicated to grooming accessories for our furry friends. The product range is diversified according to the type of animal, the type of coat and the sought-after function, such as washing, looking after the coat or undercoat, trimming, nail care or antiparasitic operation - all your needs will be satisfied!

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