Drinking bottle  FPI 4563


Drinking bottle FPI 4563

Water fountain for vertical nets for birds, canaries and parakeets
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  • Plastic drinker for canaries, parakeets, small exotic birds
  • For vertical mesh cages, mesh pitch of 9.5 mm
  • Self-dispensing water system
  • Water is released constantly without waste
  • Complete with fixing system on the outside of the bird cage
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Very large, 0.4 liter capacity

FPI 4563 is a large drinking bottle for birds, canaries and parakeets, the essential accessory for providing fresh, clean water. Equipped with a comfortable spout that makes drinking easy, it is made entirely of plastic and has a transparent tank to always have the quantity of water available under control. Furthermore, the self-dispensing system ensures that the birds constantly have their water available, ensuring constant release without waste. Thanks to its effective fixing system, the drinker can be easily applied to the outside of vertical mesh cages with a mesh pitch of 9.5 mm.

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