Extendable leash with cord for dogs
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  • Retractable leash for dogs
  • With sturdy nylon cord
  • Single command for three different functions: free running, momentary block and permanent block
  • Smooth running of the cord
  • Maximum freedom of movement of your dog in total control
  • Handy, convenient handle for a comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic, easy and precise control button. Immediate in use.
  • Compact and light but very robust, comfortable even during the longest walks
  • Reliable and safe, subjected to rigorous quality tests
  • Practical hygienic bag holder integrated in the shell
  • If wet or dirty, it returns to normal operation after careful maintenance
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Designed in Italy
  • Eco-sustainable packaging completely made of paper
  • Various colours to choose according to your preferences
  • Complete range to meet the needs of dogs of all sizes and builds

  • 4 sizes: MINI (3 m/ for small dogs up to 8 Kg), SMALL (4,5 m/ for medium dogs up to 12 Kg), MEDIUM (5 m/ for medium-large dogs up to 20 Kg), LARGE (5 m/ for large dogs up to 35 kg)
  • Also available in version with retractable tape

Flippy One by Ferplast is the range of extendable leashes for dogs suitable for multiple uses, both during the daily walk in the city and an outing in the middle of nature. The extendable leashes allow your dog ample freedom of movement thanks to the extendable cord / tape that rewinds automatically, following its movements.
The ergonomic button with 3 functions - free running, momentary lock and permanent lock of the cord/ tape at the desired length - guarantees reliability and precision in the command. To pass from the stop position to the release position, for example, a firm pressure on the button will be sufficient. The sliding of the cord and tape is very fluid and silent, with a system that prevents twisting.

The Flippy One extendable leash is compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic and comfortable handle. The practical hole for hooking the hygienic bag holder does not protrude and is integrated into the shell, so as not to cause any discomfort and allowing you to comfortably carry essential accessories for the walk.

Flippy One retractable leashes are built with quality materials guaranteed by Ferplast. They are available in this version with a sturdy nylon cord or with an extendable nylon tape. All models have been designed to be resistant to the stresses of the dog and to tearing, and are subjected to numerous and rigorous quality tests to ensure absolute safety.

The range of Flippy One Cord leashes includes different dimensions designed for dogs of different sizes and builds: Mini with an extendable cord up to 3 meters suitable for small dogs up to a maximum of 8 kg in weight, Small with a cord length of 4.5 meters suitable for medium dogs up to a maximum of 12 kg in weight, Medium with an extendable cord up to 5 meters for medium-large dogs and a maximum weight of 20 kg, Large with a cord length of 5 meters for large dogs up to 35 kg in weight.
The various colours available are designed to be combined at any time with your friend's other accessories. You will find the classic black, red and blue, pink is available only in the Mini and Small sizes.

Finally, the eco-sustainable packaging made entirely of paper is once again testimony to the company's commitment to safeguarding the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

Maintenance instructions: if the cord gets dirty, it can be uncoiled, permanently block the stop button and wash the cord with water and mild soap, making sure to let it dry before recoiling it.

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