DUBAI LAMPOvertank lamp for Dubai aquariums



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  • They can be added to Dubai aquariums
  • Three sizes available
  • Complete with timer
  • Bigger models complete with closing hatches
  • Two colours available
  • Lamps not included
Overtank lamps for Dubai aquariums are available as accessories in three different models, suitable respectively for Dubai 80, Dubai 100 and Dubai 120. The models of overtank lamps for aquariums Dubai 100 and 120 are equipped with practical closing hatches useful to cover entirely your aquarium in case you want to add a further overtank lamp, in addition to the included one. According to the model of Dubai aquarium you have bought, you could choose between the black or white colour version.
Lamps T5 are not included but can be purchased separately. The smaller model Overtank Lamp Dubai 80 has been arranged for two lamps of 24W T5, the larger models instead are suitable for two lamps 39W T5.

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