DOG FORTIndoor dog house, made of FSC™ certified wood



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  • Indoor dog house
  • Ideal for use inside the home
  • Lets the dog feel safe and protected whilst keeping a vigilant eye on their territory
  • Can be of help in educating your dog and managing their movements and whereabouts in the house
  • Built of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood, from responsibly stewarded forests and other controlled sources
  • Solid and resistant aluminium rods
  • Handy frontal opening solidly hinged to the house
  • Double closure safety feature
  • Adjustable feet
  • Optional: Jolly 100 techno-fabric cushion
  • Overall dimensions: L 100.5 x W 59 x H 82.5 cm
  • Internal dimensions: L 95 x W 53 x H 77 cm

The Dog Fort indoor wooden dog house is made of resistant Nordic Pine with aluminium rods so that your four-legged buddy can live at home with you. Dog Fort is very handy for a variety of reasons, to give your dog a place in which it feels safe and protected while keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding area: when you have dinner guests, or if your dog has to be home alone and, whether it’s because they're bored or suffer from separation anxiety, makes a huge mess, or if you can’t keep them company for a while and need them to stay put.
Dog Fort can thus also be seen as a training aid: get them gradually accustomed to being there, at first for short periods of time, until they feel completely at home. The kennel should be open at all times for napping and sleeping, but the door can be closed for training/educational purposes, or when the occasion calls for it, to teach the dog to be calm and under control at certain times in a place they consider their own.

Ferplast’s Dog Fort has been carefully designed so that your dog thinks of it as their own private hideaway. Thanks to the material it's made with, it provides a sense of cosiness and can fit in perfectly with your home décor. It comes with adjustable rubber feet and has an opening at the front that is solidly hinged to the house. Closed on one side, it lets the dog see out the sides and front, but not all around. The front panel opens to give you easy access to the dog and comes with a safe double closure system for security. To make the dog house more comfortable and cosy, get the Jolly 100 techno-fabric cushion designed for a perfect fit. It is available as an optional accessory.

Ferplast’s Dog Fort indoor dog house is a eco-friendly product: made of FSC™ certified wood sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources.

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