CHEWA BOING BALLToy ball for dogs



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  • Ball toy for dogs
  • It helps dental hygiene thanks to the mechanical cleaning effect when bitten
  • Stimulates and satisfies the dog's natural need to chew and play
  • Made with non-toxic material (thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • Extremely durable resilient material
  • Super resistant to sharp bites and teeth
  • Ultra light, bouncing and floating
  • Ideal as a fetch toy
  • It does not damage the teeth of the animal
  • Prevents damages or injuries to the animal when thrown
  • Made in Italy

  • Available in different sizes
  • M: diameter 6,3 cm
  • L: diameter 8 cm

Ferplast's Chewa Boing dental toys for dogs are useful for stimulating and satisfying the dog's natural need to chew and play. Made from non-toxic, extremely durable and resilient material, they resist the bites and sharp teeth of the animal. The Chewa Boing dog ball is ideal as a fetch toy and being floating it can also be used at the sea, in the pool or in streams. Extremely light, it avoids damage or injuries to the pet when thrown.
Chewa Boing dog toys are available in different models: alongside this traditional toy ball with a diameter of 6 or 8 cm you can also find the kibble/dry foods or paté dispenser treat toy version.

Choose the size according to the dog's size. Supervise the dog while using it.

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