BLUZEOLITEZeolite granules for adsorptive filtration



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  • Granules of zeolite for adsorptive filtering
  • Absolutely natural, having an anti-odour action
  • Removes colouring and polluting substances from water, also removes ammonia
  • Ideal for fresh and marine water
  • Supplied complete with a small bag in synthetic fibre
  • Package of 400 g.
Bluzeolite granules is an activated natural material for selective adsorptive filtration, useful to remove polluting and colouring substances from water. Ideal for fresh and marine water, this filtering material ensures a clear and crystal-clear water, as well as an excellent odourless action; besides, it is perfect to remove ammonia. Included inside the package you will find a bag in synthetic fibre suitable for all uses.
Packaging of 400 g.

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