BLUWAVE 05 Default Title Ferplast
BLUWAVE 05  Ferplast
BLUWAVE 05  Ferplast
BLUWAVE 05  Ferplast
BLUWAVE 05  Ferplast
BLUWAVE 05  Ferplast
BLUWAVE 05  Ferplast
BLUWAVE 05  Ferplast


BLUWAVE 05Internal filter with filtering materials and pump



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  • Ideal for fresh and marine water
  • 3 step internal filtering: mechanical, biological and adsorptive
  • Supplied with pump and filtering materials
  • Removable bulkheads for easy and fast maintenance
  • Universal fixing system
  • Suitable compartment for Bluclima heater (optional)
  • Four sizes: 350 l/h, 200 l/h, 900 l/h, 1200 l/h
  • Spare accessories: mechanical sponges or active carbon sponges

Bluwave is the internal aquarium filter combining in one single product three kinds of filtration: mechanical, biological and adsorptive. In the first stage, thanks to the use of different porosity sponges, a mechanical filtration occurs. Then, firstly thanks to large surface high porosity ceramic rings and then to plastic spheres Bluballs (excluded in the model Bluwave 03), we have a biological filtering. Moreover, the active carbon sponge for odourless water ensures adsorptive filtration while the included pump Blupower, powerful and noiseless at the same time, offers high performances and low consumption.

The intake on the top of the filter forces the movement of surface particles on water surface and limits the oily layer which forms on the surface; the lower intake collects waste from the aquarium. A further compartment for Bluclima heater (optional) is also available. Bluwave filter is practical and easy to clean thanks to removable bulkheads; it can be perfectly positioned inside your aquarium thanks to some fixing systems such as hooks, suction cups or silicone.
Bluwave is available in four sizes: 03, 05, 07 and 09. The model 09 includes the internal modular filter Blumodular with high filtering capacity, is equipped with pump and with a special spray-bar which guarantees high water oxygenation.

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