AGILA FASHIONErgonomic harness for dogs with double micro-adjustment fastening



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  • Ergonomic harness for dogs
  • Comfortable and strong
  • Easy to put on thanks to their double micro-adjustment fastening system
  • Perfect fit, can be adapted to every body type, thanks also to the articulation between harness parts, patented by Ferplast
  • Made with reflective edges making it easy to see even in the dark
  • Modern patterns printed using a high definition dye sublimation process
  • Vibrant colours and four different patterns available
  • Comfortable thanks to the soft inner padding
  • Available in various sizes for dogs weighing from 6 to 35 kg

Agila dog harnesses have an excellent fit, great elegance and maximum comfort. They are easy to put on and adapt perfectly to every body type, thanks to their micro-adjustment system and the special articulation between harness parts, patented exclusively by Ferplast. They also feature high quality and durability as they are made of top quality materials able to ensure maximum strength and robustness. The Agila range is extensive: in fact, it includes various models and numerous colour choices to satisfy everyone's taste.

For example, take a look at the original patterns of these models: the Smile, Selfie, Cammie and Sun models are perfect if you want a funny, cheerful look: choose the one you like best and you certainly won't go unnoticed! The modern patterns are printed using a special high-definition dye sublimation process using vibrant, bright colours that remain bright over time. Agila harnesses for dogs are truly user-friendly as they have a reflective border making them easy to see during evening or nighttime walks.

The range includes different sizes, so they are perfect for dogs of all sizes! The models differ according to minimum/maximum neck circumference and size of girth and weight of your pet: Agila 2 maximum 6 kg, Agila 3 maximum 7 kg, Agila 4 maximum 8 kg, Agila 5 maximum 10 kg, Agila 6 maximum 15 kg, Agila 7 maximum 22 kg, Agila 8 maximum 30 kg, Agila 9 maximum 35 kg.

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