Outdoor rabbit hutch made of FSC™ certified wood. Complete with fence and rabbit house, stakes for fixing.
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  • Outdoor rabbit hutch
  • Provides a protected and safe space for the rabbit
  • Long-lasting, solid and resistant product

  • Rabbit cage complete with comfortable resting house
  • With rabbit pen made of painted recycled iron
  • Enclosure complete with sliding door that allows the animal to enter and exit independently for freedom of movement and exploration

  • Wooden rabbit hutch with large front door that can be opened from the outside and a safety lock
  • Use of FSC™ certified wood which comes from sustainable managed forests and other controlled sources
  • Plastic tray to hold litter and dirt, removable for easy cleaning

  • Includes 6 stakes for stable attachment to the ground
  • Overall dimensions: 120 x 51 x h 43 cm

The rabbit hutch Twingloo by Ferplast is the ideal solution for those who want to offer their rabbit a safe and comfortable outdoor space. Designed to fit perfectly in gardens and open spaces, this hutch provides a protected environment for your friendly friend to move and exercise. The structure includes a solid fence and a cosy rabbit house, accessible from the outside through a front door, which also features a safety lock. The rabbit nest features a plastic tray ideal for holding litter and collecting dirt, which can be removed for quick and easy cleaning.
The sliding door on the enclosure, which can be opened, stimulates the rabbit's curiosity and activity. The rabbit can enter and exit the pen independently, exploring the outdoor environment.
Equipped with pegs for attachment to the ground, Twingloo is built to withstand the outdoor elements, guaranteeing stability and durability.

Twingloo is made of FSC™-certified wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources. Solid and sturdy, with a recycled iron enclosure, the hutch reflects Ferplast's commitment to sustainability and animal wellbeing, providing an excellent shelter for your pet while respecting the environment.

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