Modular cage for rabbits and guinea pigs. Complete with accessories.
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  • Modular habitat for small animals
  • Suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs, ideal to accomodate more animals together
  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • Accessories included: 600 cc drinking bottle, hay feeder, resting house, ladder to climb to the roof, 0,3 L food bowl
  • Sliding door, to let the animal out
  • Opening roof for easy access and completely removable
  • Side can be lifted and pulled-out for maintenance operations
  • Solid and robust. It consists of several painted metal mesh panels with plastic base and walls, connection clips
  • Easy to assemble, requires no special tools
  • It can be extended using the appropriate extension kits, optional: Multipla Base Extension, extension of the base, and Multipla Roof Extension, extension of the roof
  • Ferplast patented design
  • Bottom designed to contain dirt and litter
  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: made of recycled plastic and iron
  • Multipla overall dimensions: 107,5 x 72 x h 50 cm
  • The internal dimensions are: 106 x 71 x h 48 cm
  • Living space: 0,77 square meters

The habitats for rabbits and guinea pigs Multipla differ due to the wide living space and the possibility to customise. This model guarantees a living surface of 0,77 square meters, ensuring small guests an excellent quality of life.
All cages belonging to this range are completely modular and adaptable to your needs and those of the animal. It is possible, in fact, to increase the living space thanks to the two extension kits that can be purchased separately, until the ideal configuration is obtained. Inside the instruction sheet you will find some configuration proposals already prepared for you.

The rabbit cage Multipla is designed for the comfort and safety of the little guest. All accessories are included to make it immediately habitable: feeder for hay, bowl for food, drinking bottle, resting house, ladder to climb to the roof. The front panel presents a sliding door to allow the rabbit to go out. The upper net of the cage is completely removable to facilitate maintenance operations, and the side can be lifted and pulled-out for quick inspections. Finally,the large base, contains dirt and litter residues preventing them from dirtying the floor.

With a patented design, Multipla is supplied in an assembly kit. It is simple to assemble: just join the panels and plastic parts using the appropriate interlocking systems, connectors and clamps, without the need of particular installation tools.
The optional extensions include the Base Extension, which can be applied both on the lower part of the cage and on the upper one in order to create a second floor, and the Roof Extension, applicable on the upper part to build a small loft for your friend. Last but not least the product's big feature is its eco-sustainability: Multipla is in fact produced with material coming from industrial recycling and post-consumption, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

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