Mattress for dogs with removable cover
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  • Mattress for dogs in high-tech material
  • With removable inner padding thanks to a handy zip
  • Super-durable, scratch-resistant and water-repellent
  • Equipped with a handy string to use when moving it
  • Machine-washable at 30° C
  • Available in different sizes: 80 and 115
  • Comes in a variety of colours
Olympic is made of high-quality, high-tech material and is a comfortable mattress for dogs. It is very practical and easy to use. In fact, its fabric makes it extremely durable, water-repellent and scratch-resistant, ensuring excellent durability even after extensive use. Olympic has all the features of resistance and practicality of the Tech product range to which it belongs, although it has a new and improved texture compared to the traditional models.

Inside, the cushion has soft padding that will guarantee your four-legged friend total relaxation at any time of the day. A handy string in the corner of the cushion makes it possible to move it effortlessly to wherever you require. Olympic can be machine-washed at a low temperature (30° C): thanks to a handy zip, you can remove the padding from the cushion and proceed to normal maintenance. For daily hygiene and for removing little marks from the cushion, it can be cleaned quickly with a wet sponge.

It is available in various sizes and colours: alongside the fashionable purple and grey, you will also find traditional black in the larger size.

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