Hamster cage with decorations and stickers included. Setting: drag racing.
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  • Hamster cage
  • Setting with a drag racing theme
  • Complete with cute decorative cardboard elements: exhaust pipe, spoiler, driver, tyre
  • Customisable with colourful stickers, included in the box
  • Designed for children, it teaches them how to take care of pets without having to neglect playtime and fun
  • Sturdy plastic base to hold the dirt, litter or sawdust
  • Small entrance door equipped with a safety fastener
  • Mesh and base can easily be separated for cleaning
  • Accessories included: 1 feeding trough, I water bottle, 1 small house-nest, shelf with ladder
  • Wheel, essential for your pet's exercise
  • Modular structure: it can be connected to other living units or accessories for rodents

Powerful and aggressive, Dragster will allow you to experience the emotion of racing cars! This hamster cage features an undoubtedly original design with themed decorations and colourful stickers that can be used to personalize it as you prefer. The habitat will arouse your children's curiosity and stimulate their imagination, involving them in caring for this lively little animal by combining this activity with play and fun: imagine them engaged in creating the ideal environment for the little guest while they apply the decorative cardboard decorative elements on the outside of the cage or choose the best place to attach the stickers.

Inside, the environment is divided into two levels, equipped with a plastic shelf, which can be reached via a ladder and can be used as another area of relaxation for your hamster. Dragster is comfortable for your pet and comes complete with a feeding trough, a water bottle, a little house and a wheel, which is essential as it allows your little pet to exercise, and it is decorated with a flaming tyre.

Built in sturdy wire mesh, the cage comes complete with a plastic base that is effective in holding dirt and litter and stopping it from leaking out of the cage. It is perfect for allowing the little rodent to devote his time to his favourite activity of digging and creating paths in the sawdust.

Dragster is very practical to handle: on the roof, you will find a little door that can be opened, allowing normal daily maintenance to be carried out, and it also has a safety hook to keep it closed and prevent your pet from accidentally getting out.

For more in-depth cleaning, you can completely separate the base and the roof, by unfastening the clips on the sides.

Lastly, thanks to its modular structure, the cage can easily be connected to tubes or other living units for rodents: in this way, you can create more space for your little pet and turn it into a real play area.

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