Small fabric and eco-friendly fur bed for cats
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  • Cat bed made of Scottish fabric and eco-friendly fur
  • Ideal for the most timid pets that feel the cold
  • Can be opened thanks to a handy zip and turned into a cover
  • If touched, it makes a sound that attracts your animal
  • Can be machine-washed at 30° C
Igloo is bed for cats designed for the most timid pets that love to curl up in contact with something soft and rest undisturbed. Inside, the eco-friendly fur padding will ensure your furry friends comfortable, sweet moments of relaxation, especially during the winter months. Igloo is also very versatile, as it can be opened up completely, thanks to the handy zip: in this way, it can be turned into a soft cover for your pet. If touched, the pillow makes a strange noise that it will undoubtedly attract your feline friend: as we all know, cats are very sensitive to any type of sound! Your pussycat will be unable to resist the temptation of playing with it or caressing it with his paws!
It comes in one size only and can machine-washed (max 30° C).

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