TOPLIFE 8W T5 Ferplast
TOPLIFE 14W T8 Ferplast
TOPLIFE 15W T8 Ferplast
TOPLIFE 24W T5 Ferplast
TOPLIFE 39W T5 Ferplast
TOPLIFE 54W T5 Ferplast


TOPLIFENeon lamp for fresh and seawater aquariums



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  • Ideal for fresh and seawater aquariums
  • Re plicates natural daylight
  • Brings out the colours of fish and plants
  • Models with different powers
Toplife is a neon lamp for fresh and seawater aquariums which with its colour temperature of 5000K replicates natural daylight as closely as possible. The excellent colour rendering of the lamps Toplife brings out the beauty of fish and plants and allows them to be seen as they were in their natural environment. Available in eight different powers, both T5 and T8.

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