RABBIT 120 DOUBLE Default Title Ferplast
RABBIT 120 DOUBLE  Ferplast
RABBIT 120 DOUBLE  Ferplast
RABBIT 120 DOUBLE  Ferplast
RABBIT 120 DOUBLE  Ferplast


RABBIT 120 DOUBLETwo-storey cage for rabbits, stand with wheels included

Sku: 57047817ZP

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  • Two-storey cage for rabbits
  • Wide living space
  • Large plastic trays to collect dirt and leftovers
  • Sturdy metallic net painted with a special corrosion-resistant varnish
  • Plastic lateral columns to improve design and sturdiness
  • Wooden ladder connecting the different floors
  • The frontal part of the cage can be completely opened, it is provided with security locks to keep your rodents safe
  • Useful sliding door at the bottom of the cage
  • Top and bottom can be easily separated by unlocking the sides hooks
  • Accessories included: 2 hay feeders, 2 drinking bottles, 2 food bowl,1 little house for relax and 1 ladder
  • Comes complete with stand with wheels for easy movement

This is a real house entirely designed for you rodent friends to live in! Rabbit 120 Double is a roomy cage for rabbits, divided into two floors linked together with a useful wooden ladder. A metallic stand complete with wheels is included. The habitat is suitable to welcome more than one rodent at the time and presents a solid structure made of metallic net. The wire mesh is painted with a special corrosion-resistant varnish while lateral plastic columns make the cage even more sturdy and stable. Two wide plastic trays efficiently collect dirt and leftovers, preventing them from getting out of the cage. Rabbit 120 is provided with all the accessories to assure the best comfort to your rodents: feeders for hay, drinking bottle, food bowls and a little home to relax. The cage is complete with a wide door at the top, which is provided with security locks and can be entirely opened, and with a sliding door at the bottom, especially designed to keep your rodents safe.

The habitat is easy to clean as the top and the bottom can be separated simply by unlocking the side hooks. At last, Rabbit 120 is a cage that can be dismantled , and is sold in a practical save space packaging.

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