Retractable lead. Extensible tape.
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  • Innovative control system
  • Extending tape giving your dog great freedom of movement
  • Ergonomic button ensuring precise commands
  • Suitable even for long nails hands
  • Different models available, Small (3 m), Medium (3 m) and Large (5 m)
  • Ideal for dogs weighing respectively maximum 12, 25 or 50 Kg.
  • New proposals with fashion colours like green and violet
Flippy Tech Tape is the new model of lead with an extendible tape lead, designed by Ferplast, simple to use and very reliable. The ergonomic button guarantees precise commands and maximum comfort. The internal mechanism, which is a new design, ensures high tensile strength, reliability and durability over time.
Wherever you decide to take your furry friend, you will find in this lead to be a valuable and essential asset that offers you the possibility to block the tape lead at the length you desire. Lastly, this product is suitable for all types of hands and is designed especially for women with long nails. In fact, thanks to the special shape of the multi-function button, a light touch is all you need to control your dog, thereby avoiding the risk of damaging your nails.
Flippy Tech Tape is available in different sizes, for all breeds of dog: Small, Medium and Large. The Small and Medium models are both equipped with a tape lead that extends up to 3 metres, suitable for dogs weighing up to12 or 25 Kg. The Large model with tape extending up to 5 metres is ideal for dogs weighing up to 50 Kg.

You could find it in five different colours. black, red, light grey, green or violet, these are Ferplast proposals for a total look of your four-legged friend.

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