Dry food dispenser activity toy for dogs and cats
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  • Interactive toy for dogs and cats
  • Stimulates your pet's physical and mental activity
  • It dispenses tasty biscuits while it rolls and bounces
  • It can contain different shaped biscuits
  • Made of strong plastic
  • It has a transparent cover, making it possible to see the food inserted inside it
  • It can be combined with the items in the Clever & Happy range of products
Carousel is an entertaining interactive toy for dogs and cats: it helps your pet get through moments of boredom, stimulates curiosity, develops dexterity, making sure he gets the physical and mental exercise that will keep him in good health. The biscuit dispenser toy rolls and bounces and can hold different shaped biscuits, giving your four-legged friend nice, tasty surprises. It is made of solid plastic and has a transparent cover that allows your curious pet to see the tempting food that you have put inside it.

Carousel can also be combined with the other toys in the Clever & Happy range of products, which are perfect for active, happy pets: playing together will strengthen your relationship with your furry friend!

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