Hamster cage. Setting: aeroplane.
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  • Small hamster cage
  • Original setting with an aeroplane
  • It stimulates your children's interest thanks to the use of bright colours
  • The use of vibrant, cheerful colours will stimulate your children's interest
  • Designed for children, to teach them how to take care of animals while letting them play and have fun
  • Varnished wire mesh and plastic base
  • Small entrance door equipped with a safety catch
  • Mesh and base can be separated easily to clean inside the cage
  • Accessories included: 1 feeder, 1 water bottle, 1 small house-nest and 1 wheel, themed decorations
Ready to glide on the wings of your imagination? It will be fun with the Criceti 9 Plane hamster cage! Dedicated to children and perfect as a home for small rodents, it features the use of fun colours that will undoubtedly stimulate your children's interest and teach them how to take care of their little animal. The habitat has a pleasant setting with an aeroplane theme: for example, take a look at the propeller, the wing, the tail and even a pilot attached to the outside!
This hamster cage is completely accessorized and was designed to ensure that its little guest will live in the utmost comfort thanks to the equipment inside it: plastic food bowl, water bottle, little house for him to sleep in and a wheel for exercise.

Solid and robust, Criceti 9 Plane has a varnished wire mesh structure and a plastic base. There is a useful little door on the top that can be opened and has a safety catch, making daily cleaning easy.
For in-depth cleaning, the base and the top can be separated by releasing the fastener clips on the sides.

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