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THERMO DUKEHeating beds for cats, puppies and small dogs

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  • Cushion in water-repellent double-face fabric
  • Maximum reliability and safety for your pets
  • In compliance with EN 60335-2-71 regulations
What could be nicer than resting in a warm place? Ferplast's heated beds emanate therapeutic, controlled heat and are recommended for older animals in post-operative or convalescent conditions.
Thermo Duke is a padded cushion with covering in comfortable fabric and comes complete with a heated mat that emanates warmth (it reaches a maximum temperature of 35°C). Thermo Duke is ideal for puppies, small dogs and cats. It functions at low voltage (12V) and guarantees maximum safety and reliability, thanks to the watertight, thermally protected mat.
Thermo Duke is covered with water-repellent fabric, which is machine washable at low temperatures of maximum 30°C.

We would also like to specify that the heated bed reaches a maximum of 35°C because a higher temperature may be harmful for your pet. Furthermore, the bed is designed to reach a temperature 10°C above room temperature, which means that when:
room temperature 15° = bed surface 25°
room temperature 20° = bed surface 30°
room temperature 25° = bed surface 35° (max)
room temperature 28° = bed surface 35° (max).
The bed surface’s temperature is measured when the bed is in use, because the weight of the animal makes the air come out from the bed and eliminates its insulating effect. Therefore, if you would like to check the effectiveness of the product, you should apply pressure with your hand in order to make the air come out and then wait around 30 seconds. You will feel a change in temperature to a greater or lesser extent depending on the temperature of your hands. Since your skin’s temperature is often higher than the cushion’s, you won’t perceive an intense heat but rather a sense of warmth, and in this way your pet will have the same feeling as though he was sleeping next to you or to another animal. Thanks to this therapeutic heat, your furry friend will feel a sense of comfort and relaxation as if it had fallen asleep in your arms.

A 220/240V-50Hz/12V transformer is included. Please note: this product is intended for indoor use.

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