REFUGE MEDIUMProtective home for wild birds. Keeps out unwanted pets like squirrels and large birds.



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  • Useful protective habitat for wild birds
  • Sturdy varnished wire mesh, holes size 4 cm
  • Keeps out unwanted pets like squirrels, pigeons, blackbirds and crows
  • Can be equipped with accessories like nests, feeders and perches
  • Practical opening front side with special safety hook
  • Slide out plastic tray for easy maintenance
  • Available in three different models
  • Supplied with wooden support for vertical fixing (wall or tree)
  • Model Round equipped with useful ring for hanging
Refuge are protective habitats for wild bird nest and feeders. Holes size has been designed to allow only small birds to pass through, while keeping out squirrels and larger birds like pigeons, blackbirds and crows.
Made of sturdy wire mesh with plastic bottom, Refuge can be completed with specific accessories for wild birds like feeders, nests and perches..

Refuge are available in three different models: Small, Medium and Round, with square, rectangular or round base. Easy to maintain, the models Medium and Small have a full opening front side and slide out tray; the Round model, also equipped with slide out tray, has a large opening front side for easy access during everyday maintenance operations.
All models are supplied with suitable wooden support for vertical fastening (to a wall or a tree). The round model is also equipped with upper hook for hanging.

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